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With backgrounds ranging from Computer Engineering to Biology, LuckyLime’s team is able to view your business from unique perspectives. We apply these perspectives during the discovery & development process to ensure your project is launched with every possible advantage.

We Build Websites that Build Business.

Simply having a website does not guarantee online success. A website must be discoverable, accessible and ensure a good user experience while answering the needs of your clients. If it fails at any of these, you’re not going to be happy with the results. We spend time understanding your project and goals before we commit to building your site. This ensures a successful and beneficial relationship for both of us.

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Traffic Control

Want more customers? LuckyLime has specialized in search engine marketing (SEM) nearly as long as it has existed. We can map, set-up, maintain or even overhaul your AdWords or BingAds account. Our experience and advanced targeting techniques will ensure a strong return on your investment.

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<Custom Applications />|

LuckyLime has developed applications for project management, real-time auctions, automated audio-delivery and more. If your business needs an application to increase your efficiency or productivity, we’d love to talk.

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