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Making Molehills out of Mountains

Ever have an idea that would better your business but the software didn’t exist to make it possible? We’d like to help. LuckyLime’s team has decades of experience developing custom applications to improve operational efficiency and user-experience. Scroll down to read about some of our recent application work.

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TMS Logo
TMS Audio Productions

Background: TMS develops custom on-hold messages (such as the ones you hear when you are placed on hold or that announce specials in a grocery store). Client messages need to change frequently to stay relevant and the process of updating required advanced planning. The client would have to request the message, TMS would create it and then send the new message to the client.

Solution: LuckyLime built an extensive online system to retrieve messages based on client credentials. Now clients can access all of their messages, create custom messages and schedule when they want their messages to play. The entire production and delivery process has been reduced from days to minutes.

From the Client

Lucky Lime Media provided a saving grace solution for my company! My name is Ron Brown and I am the President of TMS Audio Productions, Inc. TMS had fallen behind the technology curve, was losing business fast and desperately needed help! Lucky Lime’s team of incredible talent and dimensional thinking came to my rescue! They created proprietary software identified as Hold Power®, which not only saved my company but also positioned TMS with industry leading technology in the on-hold industry. Thank you Lucky Lime from the bottom of my heart!!

Ron Brown, President

Auto Paper Logo
Troxel’s Auto Literature

Background: Troxel’s had a warehouse of over 400,000 automotive manuals and promotional items and a strong desire to get their products online. They wanted a custom application that would help manage their extensive inventory and feed data to a new online store and their Ebay store without entering the data in two programs.

Solution: LuckyLime built a database and interface that allowed Troxel’s to input their products, update their stores in real-time and manage their inventory. Code was written to integrate the database with Troxel’s Ebay store (to eliminate duplicate data entry). As a final touch, we wrote code to automatically back-up Troxel’s data on an off-site server to avoid data loss. Troxel’s now spends less than half the time to update their inventory and add new products.

From the Client

The staff at Luck Lime "GET IT"! They were able to understand what I really wanted in my website and delivered! You could not ask for a more honest and thoughtful group to work with.

John Troxel, President

AeroMet Logo
AeroMet Engineering, Inc.

Background: As part of their environmental training program, AeroMet was sending clients an educational DVD that covered the necessary coursework to achieve certification. When a client ordered the DVD, they had to wait for the order to be processed and the DVD to be delivered. Production and shipping costs were substantial and they wanted a more efficient solution.

Solution: LuckyLime developed an extensive online training course consisting of videos, images, interactive forms and quizzes. An administrative interface was added to chart course progress and aptitude. Clients can now access the course instantly and production and shipping costs have been completely eliminated.

From the Client

Clients can instantly access our new online training course and we can track client progress and change content in real-time. Clients have actually called our office to tell us how much they like the new course.

Tom Scheppers, President

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